2023 MAIC Champion Awardees – Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center Population Health (PHQT) & Nursing Staff

Apr 19, 2023 | MAIC Champion

Each year, The Massachusetts Adult Immunization Conference planning committee selects the Adult Immunization Champion Award winner based on a nomination and review process. The review committee looks for nominees who have shown leadership, innovation, collaboration, advocacy, and initiative in adult immunization.

We are pleased to announce that the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center (EMKCHC) Population Health (PHQT) and Nursing staff have won the 2023 Adult Immunization Award for their outstanding contributions to improving adult vaccination rates in the Worcester Community. The CHC serves a diverse population base, and the staff’s commitment to diversity, outreach, and advocacy has led to strengthened patient/provider relationships and increased vaccination rates.

EMKCHC demonstrated exceptional work in responding to the high rates of COVID among the Bhutanese population. Their evaluation of patient data and collaboration with community members resulted in the development of better communication tools and ongoing work to address disparities in health care. The collaboration between nursing and the PHQT was exemplified in their innovative outreach efforts, including vaccinating fans at select baseball games, partnering with local businesses to vaccinate on-site, and designing unique and relevant social media posts.

The CHC’s advocacy efforts have helped to establish them as a trusted healthcare provider. We are proud of the Edward M. Kennedy CHC Population Health and Nursing staff for their dedication to improving adult immunization rates and their commitment to addressing health disparities in the community. Congratulations on this well-deserved award!