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Massachusetts Adult Immunization Coalition

The Massachusetts Adult Immunization Coalition (MAIC) is a collaborative partnership dedicated to increasing adult immunization through education, networking, and sharing innovative and best practices. There are currently over 200 members representing local and state public health organizations, community health centers, health insurance plans, pharmacies, physicians, vaccine manufacturers, long-term-care and senior service organizations, consumer advocacy groups, hospitals, home health, and college health services.

The Coalition meets quarterly to discuss and strategize around issues such as targeted approaches to increase adult immunization rates in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; the supply of publicly and privately purchased vaccine; immunization activities; surveillance of vaccine-preventable diseases; analysis of the flu season; and planning for a potential influenza pandemic.

One of the principal activities of the Coalition is the organization of the Annual Massachusetts Adult Immunization Conference. The conference draws over 300 individuals from a variety of disciplines committed to increasing adult immunization.


Amy Sgueglia, MSN, RN
JSI Research and Training Institute, Inc.
MAIC Chair


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Massachusetts, with an estimated population of 6.4 million people, has been providing vaccines for the people of the Commonwealth for more than 100 years. Residents of Massachusetts benefit from a universal select childhood vaccine program and some of the highest childhood vaccination rates in the nation. Adults, however, in Massachusetts and across the nation, have less access to vaccine, vaccine services, and vaccine information, and adult immunization rates are suboptimal. There are many reasons for low vaccination rates among adults that have to do with the knowledge, beliefs and practices of both health care providers and consumers. Other reasons include a complex adult vaccine schedule and system factors such as insurance coverage, insurance reimbursement difficulty and vaccine access. Increasing immunization of adults can substantially reduce morbidity and mortality from infectious disease. Efforts to achieve high immunization coverage levels need to be coordinated and sustained.

In 1995, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Immunization Program, in conjunction with Masspro, formed the Massachusetts Adult Immunization Coalition along with other state and local health agencies. The Coalition’s primary aim is to increase adult immunization through education, networking, and the sharing of innovative approaches.  The Coalition focuses on the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)-recommended vaccines for adults.

In 2012, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health contracted with JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) to manage the administrative coordination of the Coalition.  JSI has been providing adult immunization technical assistance, evaluation, IT, education and training services for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health since 2009.

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Photos from recent MAIC meetings.

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