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2019 Coalition Meetings



2018 Coalition Meetings

MDPH Influenza Update – Joyce Cohen
2018-2019 Flu Recommendations and Communication Plans – Katie Reilly and Rebecca Vanucci
Hepatitis A Outbreak in Persons Experiencing Homelessness and Substance Use Disorder – Dan Church and Lindsay Bouton
New Bedford Hepatitis B Update – Katie Reilly
Meeting Materials Handout

Conference Debrief and Educational Updates – Rebecca Vanucci
LAIV Update – Susan Lett
Shingrix Update – Katie Reilly
New adult HepB vaccine – Mark Miller
For more information and to answer any additional questions regarding HeplisavB, please contact Mark Miller.
Pharmacy Collaboration Projects – Elicia DeParolesa, Osco Pharmacy
Meeting Materials Handout

MDPH Update – Dr. Susan Lett
Flu Update – Joyce Cohen
New Shingles Vaccine – Rich Aceto
For more information and to answer any additional questions regarding SHINGRIX
please call the GSK Medical Affairs Department (877) 356-8368, 8a-8p
Adult and College Health Immunization Rates – Kathryn Ahnger-Pier
Education and Outreach Updates – Rebecca Vanucci
Meeting Materials handout

2017 Coalition Meetings

MDPH Update – Dr. Susan Lett
NAIIS Resources, MDPH Resources, Updated MDPH College Requirements – Rebecca Vanucci, Katie Reilly
Meeting handouts

MDPH Update – Dr. Susan Lett
Practice Based Systems to Improve Vaccination Rates – Dr. Lloyd Fisher (available upon request)
Adult Immunization Conference, 2017 debrief  and Other Resources – Rebecca Vanucci

 HPV Update – Dr. Susan Lett
Cervical Health Awareness Month– Rebecca Vanucci
Flu Update– Joyce Cohen
Mumps Outbreak– Joyce Cohen and Kelly Royce
Mumps Outbreak, local perspective– Kristin Ward

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